What is true entrepreneurial freedom?

My best accomplishments this week had nothing to do with work.

Two Italian lessons (my first-ever!). Scheduling special “Daddy Days” with each of my kids. Setting up two date nights with my wife over the next few weeks.

Don’t get me wrong, I set and accomplished numerous key work outcomes. But those aren’t the most important to me anymore.

They certainly used to be, back when I thought “work-life balance” was still a thing. But now I know that’s total B.S.

Freedom and fulfillment is about aligning the three facets of life: WORK – FAMILY – SELF.

Achieving that alignment is a big part of living The Freedom Lifestyle.

It’s how I live that lifestyle and help my clients do the same.

Is your work, family, and self aligned? Are you living The Freedom Lifestyle?

This is the topic of Friday’s Freedom Club podcast, which you can download here or listen to the embedded version at the top of this page.

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