Why Work-Life ‘Balance’ is Bullsh*t

“Show of hands…how many of you are seeking ‘work-life balance’?” I asked the audience at my Freedom Club Festival last fall.

Dozens of people raised their hands.

Then I urged them to take that term and burn it, throw it out the window, or flush it down the sh*tter … because it’s a myth. (Check out the video above to watch the full speech.)

Yes, work-life “balance” is bullsh*t.

First, the very term assumes that work and life are separate. They are not.

There isn’t work AND life. There’s just life, and how you spend the time in your life is entirely up to you.

The key to freedom and fulfillment isn’t “balance.” It’s alignment: Aligning the three facets of your life — Relationships, Self, Work — in a way that works for you, and you alone.

Here’s how so many people look at “balance”…

They put their heads down to focus on that “big project” at work and tell themselves for the next two weeks they’re going to sacrifice their relationships, their self-care, their healthy eating, and their exercise.

“When this project is over, it’ll all balance out,” they tell themselves. “In two weeks, I’ll come early from work, I’ll take my wife/husband/spouse on a date. I’ll play with the kids. I’ll eat a salad.”

If that happens — and it’s a big “if” — the two works often stretches to five months, which stretches to five years, which stretches to, “When I’m 65 years old, it’ll all balance out, and then we’ll enjoy life. We’ll travel. We’ll rest. We’ll head to the beach. We’ll spend time together.”

The problem with that mindset is this:  There is no guarantee that any of us will be here tomorrow, much less when we’re 65 years old.

A number of people in my family were on that “65 year plan.” They spent their lives waiting instead of living. And when they hit 64 or 65 years old … knee replacement, stroke, cancer, heart attack.

That 65 year “balance” plan went out the window.

Watch the video above to learn more about why “work-life balance” is B.S.

Listen as I tell the story of Purdeep Sangha’s parents, who were on the “65 year plan” only to have his father pass away at age 64, while working on the family business.

Learn why the key to fulfillment is alignment.


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