Who Are the ‘Scarcity Pimps’ in Your Life?

Dr. Trevor Blattner, host of the Top 1% Podcast, was kind enough to have me on his show recently, and I urge you to listen to that episode above or by clicking here.

Our discussion is wide-ranging, but I’d like specifically to highlight our discussion of “Scarcity Pimps.”

What do I mean? Here’s how I described “Scarcity Pimps” to Dr. Blattner:

“Yes. Steve Harvey, he’s got a line: ‘Don’t tell your dreams to small-minded people.’

“And when he says small-minded people, the people he names are people you love.

“I call them scarcity pimps. They’re the people who when you want to start a business, say to you, ‘Why are you going to waste your bachelor’s degree? You worked so hard for that. Why do you want to go do that?’

“Or, ‘we’d like to move to South Carolina.’ And they say, ‘Why would you want to do that? Why would you want to go there?’

“We’ve all got those people.

“They’re people who are at our Christmas table. It’s so many people on social media. It’s us.

“It’s that notion of win or lose. I don’t get political anymore like I used to, but when you look at politics right now, I really think that both sides are scarcity. It’s us versus them. Now, the “them” is different for both sides.

“On one side, the ‘them’ may be the ‘evil rich’. On the other side the ‘them’ might be ‘foreigners’, but it’s us versus them.

“True abundance, which is the opposite of scarcity, means that the pie gets bigger or you just bake more pies.

“With scarcity, it’s like there’s three slices to this pie and we’re going to fight to the death over it. And if one slice gets bigger, that means invariably another slice gets smaller.

“But history has proven it doesn’t work that way, but it’s easier to get votes if you scare the heck out of people by telling them someone’s taking your slice of the pie. And that is, by the way, an ‘omni-partisan’ (sic) comment. It is not a partisan comment in any way, shape or form.”

Here are some other key quotes from this episode:

  • “In many cases, the pain has to be much greater than the par promise of pleasure for you to make that change.”
  • “Your money is the receipt for the value you provide.”
  • “Focus on the right thing. Focus on helping people.”
  • “Purpose and impact equal vision.”
  • “Your vision is gonna be different from my vision.”
  • “When you combine your talent and skill, you turn it into strength.”
  • “Every single person has these talent things. Whether you invest in them or not, it is up to you.”
  • “You can’t escape to freedom if you don’t know you are in prison.”
  • “Realizing that you are in prison is the first step.”
  • “It’s not about the grind. It’s about getting in the state of flow.”
  • “Why do you have to be in pain on ten things when you only have to be in pain on three things?”
  • “You can work hard while you are working smart.”


Thanks to Dr. Blattner for having me on the show. I hope you’ll give it a listen.


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