What my grandfather’s story taught me about adversity, risk, failure and success

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My grandfather grew up in an era when “going for the win” wasn’t stigmatized as a bad thing…

When people didn’t get trophies just for showing up…

He learned to risk, fail, dust himself off and get back up again.

From growing up in Italy, to fighting in World War I, to taking a boat to New York City, to putting my father through college on a trolley driver’s salary.

My grandfather’s story has always been an inspiration to me.

His story taught me about adversity, risk, failure, and success.

You can learn more about my grandfather in this video, and in this week’s episode (linked in the comments), but my point is this…

There are those who thrive despite their adversity.There are those who thrive because of their adversity. And there are those who use their adversity as an excuse.

What type of person are you?

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