What if I have no superpowers?

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Here is the full transcript of this podcast episode:

“Curt, what do you tell someone who simply has no superpowers?” 

That was a question that was recently asked of me by a podcast interviewer, and it’s a question we are going to delve into more today. This is the Freedom Club Podcast. I’m your host Curt Mercadante. 

Thanks for joining us. Listen, you’ve heard me say it time and again, and this is what I told that interviewer: Each and every one of us, every human on this planet is born with, is endowed with innate talents. They are those untapped superpowers.

Broadly speaking, are you a strategic thinker, are you an executer, are you an influencer, are you a relationship builder? 

Within each of those categories are our talents — those untapped superpowers, those naturally recurring patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior that can be productively applied.

A lot of us have no idea what those untapped superpowers are, and many of us know what they are, we just don’t know how to invest in them.

Management guru Peter Drucker said, “Many of us think we know what we’re good at, but we’re totally wrong, and yet a person can only operate from a position of strength.” 

Listen, if you are committed to unlocking your talents, your untapped superpowers, you can. If you are committed to finding out what those untapped superpowers are and investing in them, you can, because when you invest in those untapped superpowers, in those talent themes every day and work them out like you would work out a muscle at the gym, you turn them into strengths, and when you amplify those strengths and combine them with your knowledge, your skills, your passion, use them every day, get in that zone where every day you’re doing what comes naturally to you, you turn them into superpowers.

If you are listening, if you are watching today, I want to tell you right now … you can amplify your superpowers. 

You can tap those talent themes, turn them into strengths, and get in your superpower zone every day if you are committed. 

You know what you do as a first-step? Go to FivePillarsofFreedom.com and pick up my book, Five Pillars of the Freedom Lifestyle

The first pillar is unleashing your superpowers. Pick up that book. Learn how to do that. If you are committed, if you want to do it, you can get in your superpower zone every day. 

This is the Freedom Club Podcast. I’m your host, Curt Mercadante. Thanks so much.

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