Victor Antonio on Overcoming Your Fear of Sales

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The very word, sales, strikes fear into the heart of some individuals.

Unfortunately, that fear can hold some back from pursuing their dream, starting their company, or growing their enterprise.

I asked Victor Antonio, international sales trainer and motivator, what he tells people who have such a strong fear of sales.

“It’s a conversation. Sales is just a conversation,” he said. “I go back to this example. You go out to a restaurant, right? You go out with your wife, right? It’s the greatest experience you have. You walk in, valet doesn’t even charge you anything. You go in and concierge says, ‘Hi,’ sit at the perfect place. They bring by the perfect meal with the cart. They show you what you’re going to get. Perfect wine. Music, perfect. Tchaikovsky, Swan Lake, B minor ever so loud just to have polite conversation. Everything is just beautiful, right?”

Victor continued, “On the way out, the valet cleaned your car even from the inside and the outside and sent you on your way. Next day, what are you going to do? You’re going to call your friends. You’re going to say, ‘Look, last night, I got to tell you where I went.’ And what happens is you’re so excited with what just happened, that you’re willing to share that.

“And well, that’s selling. You’re selling your friend on that fact that they should go to this restaurant. Imagine if you got that excited about whatever you’re selling, your product, if you go, ‘Look, here’s why you should buy it.'”

Victor explained that you have to truly understand the value of the product or service you’re selling.

“I mean, just wrap your brain around that simple statement. If you don’t understand the value of provide, you feel like you’re selling. But when you understand the value, you realize that you’re helping the end user,” he said.

“It’s not about selling them something so they’ll give you money. That’s okay. Give them something to help their business grow or help themselves grow.”

Why does Victor love sales?

“To me, I love sales because we’re… I call sales the irreducible primary of business. We’re a profit center. We’re a profit center. It costs us this much to be with the company and we got to make money,” he explained. “Accounting…cost center. Marketing, you could argue, still a cost center. Finance…cost center. Inventory…still costs, right? Everybody’s a cost center, but the salesperson is the true profit center.

“And so you see yourself as a business person, and sales can allow you to make so much money. Let me just emphasize that: So much money.”


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