Unleash Your Superpowers to Build Your Authentic Brand

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Who are you?

That’s a simple question I often use to kick off my workshops and training programs. Most people answer it with a job title or a description of what they do for work.

Is that all you are? A job title? A paycheck provider?


You’re more than that. You’re a human being. A mother. A father. A sister. A brother. A son. A daughter. A friend. A husband. A wife.

Also at the heart of who you are as a person? The innate talents with which you were born.

When you invest in those talents and use them intentionally, you turn them into strengths.

When you amplify those strengths, you turn them into superpowers.

And your superpowers give clues as to how you influence others, and others influence you.

That is a key pillar of building your authentic personal brand.

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What People Are Saying...

Helene Rennervik

Leadership Designer/Author — Stockholm, Sweden

“Curt (is) honest and NO BS. That was the reason I chose to attend his course “Create More Time”. He is there for everyone and meet his clients where they require attentions or may require help.”

Doug Thompson

Digital Transformation Specialist/TEDx Speaker — Austin, TX

“The FreedomClub Accelerator has not only transformed the way that I do my job today, it also helps me better prepare for what I want to do tomorrow.”

Ani Johnson

Marketing Agency Owner — Chicago, Illinois

“Curt was an integral resource for me while making the decision to start my business. If it weren’t for Curt I might not have realized my full potential.”

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