Trust Your Physician on Nutrition? Not So Fast…

One of the best ways you can empower abundance and freedom in your life is to become a student of yourself.

What the hell does that mean? Well, it means intentionally investing in a growth mindset to learn about your talents, your desires, your mind, and your body.

It means thinking critically and thinking for yourself — instead of taking at face value what any “expert” tells you or something you read in an article posted on Facebook by your crazy relative.

Let me repeat that: Thinking critically and thinking for yourself.

In this blog post, I’d like to focus on the topic of nutrition. Specifically, I’d like to focus on the fact that so many people take as gospel what their physician tells them about nutrition.

“Well, the doctor told me to eat such-and-such a diet, so I better do it.”

“The doctor doesn’t think my current diet has anything to do with my illness, so he or she must be right.”

“My doctor told me to eat more grains because fiber will help me.” (Okay, this last one was specific because, as a Certified Primal health Coach, I think this advice, which I’ve heard from numerous people, is straight-up bullshit. But again, don’t take my word for it.)

The doctor said it. Therefore I better do it, or I may die.

The doctor is an expert in nutrition, right?

Not so fast.

There’s an old Saturday Night Live skit, in which Will Ferrell, disguised as “Robert Goulet”, utters the words, “Would you hire a clown to fix the john (bathroom)?”

Well, hiring a doctor to give you nutritional advice might be just as foolish.

According to David Eisenberg, adjunct associate professor of nutrition at Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health, “only about one-fifth of American medical schools require students to take a nutrition course.” As Eisenberg says…

“Today, most medical schools in the United States teach less than 25 hours of nutrition over four years. The fact that less than 20 percent of medical schools have a single required course in nutrition, it’s a scandal. It’s outrageous. It’s obscene.”

Become a student of yourself.

Think critically. Think for yourself.

Do you research.

Because, in the end, it might not take much research to provide you with as much or more nutritional knowledge as your doctor.

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