Trump, Clinton, Obama, McCain, and the “What’s in it for me?” Marketing Principle

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What do Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and George H.W. Bush (1992) all have in common?

They all ran “resume” campaigns and lost. To be fair, Clinton ran partly a resume campaign and partly a campaign about her opponent.

Their opponents, like them or not, spoke to what voters wanted.

Bill Clinton (1992) to spoke to voters’ paychecks (It’s the economy, stupid).

Barack Obama spoke to what voters during a recession wanted to hear (Hope).

Donald Trump spoke to disaffected voters, many in rust belt states, who had seen the factories and their jobs leave (Make America Great Again).

This isn’t a video about partisan politics. It’s a video about marketing.

And when you’re marketing your product or service, remember that nobody gives a sh*t about your product, service, bells, whistles, and features.

They care about “what’s in it for them.”


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