Touch the jaguar to face your fears

How did an ayahuasca ceremony with a shaman in the Amazon rainforest force bestselling author John Perkins to face his fears?

The answer provides the foundation for his latest book, Touching the Jaguar: Transforming Fear into Action to Change Your Life and the World, and how transformed from an “economic hit man” to an activist for transforming what he calls a “failing Death Economy” into a thriving “Life Economy.”

Perkins joined me e for an in-depth interview about his new book.

“When I was a Peace Corps volunteer in 1969 and living deep in the Amazon rainforest in territory controlled by the indigenous hunter/gatherer Shuar tribe, I was dying at one point,” he recalled. “I got very, very sick. I couldn’t stand up without help. And the nearest medical facility was three days through dense jungle and awful roads up high in the Andes. So a shaman actually saved my life.”

Unable to make it to a modern medical facility, Perkins decided to sit with a local shaman.

“And one night, he took me on a shamanic journey, what we might call a vision quest. And while I’m on that vision quest, my eyes were closed. I’m very, very sick,” he explained. “And I’m seeing these visions, and I see this amorphous shape in front of me. And the shaman says, ‘touch the jaguar.’ Well, I look all around like, ‘oh my god’. My eyes pop open. And I’m in the jungle.”

“Where is the jaguar?” Perkins asked the Shaman.

And the Shaman responded, “No, no, no, close your eyes, touch the jaguar you see in your vision.”

Listen to today’s episode to learn more.

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