Three steps for business owners who feel they are spread too thin

“I’m stretched too thin.”

“Not enough time.”

“I don’t know the right things on which to focus.”

These were the most common responses I received to my recent LinkedIn video asking business owners what they’re biggest challenges is right now.

I’m not surprised, because some of my clients are dealing with this very same challenge — and it was something that almost defeated me when I was first building my PR/ad agency.

Here are three actionable tips you can take to help you create time and stop being spread so thin:

  • Clearly define your vision – your WHY.
  • Strip away the unessential and vocus on the essential.
  • Work in your Strengths Zone.

I delve into this in more detail in today’s episode of The #FreedomClub podcast, which you can listen to at the Web player above, or at the links below:

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