The Unique Challenges Facing Male Entrepreneurs

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Purdeep Sangha was a well-paid executive at a large, respected corporation. It almost cost him his marriage.

“I wasn’t being the man I wanted to be,” said Purdeep. “I wasn’t being authentic to myself. I wasn’t living the life that I wanted to live. I was living the life that other people wanted me to live…that I thought other people wanted me to live, and that society is teaching people how to live.”

He continued, “I had literally lost myself as a man, as a person, as a human being. I had lost my identity.”

Purdeep left that corporate job to launch his current company, The Male Entrepreneur, through which his coaching programs and podcast help to empower male entrepreneurs to face their unique challenges.

The passing of his father last year has further provided fuel to Purdeep’s passion to help men.

“It was tragic. He passed from a heart attack. He passed working. He was by himself,” Purdeep explained.

He said his parents had an argument the night before, and didn’t speak in the morning. His mom went alone to the temple for Sunday morning prayer — something for which Purdeep’s dad would normally accompany her.

“My dad continued to work. He passed away working,” said Purdeep. “My mom came home from the temple and she actually was working on the orchard, too. She was working 10 feet away from my dad for an hour.

“There’s so many what if I had just had said this…what if I had got him to go to the temple with me… what if I had just said good morning…what if, you know…just so many what ifs. But he was meant to go at that time.”

When Purdeep’s dad passed, he was 64-and-a-half years old, falling short of his goal of reaching 65.

“His goal was to hit 65 and not retire, he would always continue to work,” explained Purdeep. “We still have a family business but it was that moment for him that would have been: I made it. I gave my family whatever they needed. I built a life for them. Now I can relax and I enjoy right?

“It’s that milestone for him. He was 64 and a half when he passed away. And so I do not want to see any other man suffer. I do not want to see entrepreneurs suffer. I don’t want to see the children of their families suffer.”

Purdeep and I discuss his work in more detail, the myth of “work-life balance”, the struggles that so many men are facing in today’s society, and what it means to be a strong man.


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