The Simple, Six-Step Affirmation I Use to Keep Myself Centered in the Storm

“The call to stillness comes quietly. The modern world does not.” — Ryan Holiday, “Stillness is the Key”

The modern world is anything but still. Your phone beeps with notifications of the latest text, tweet or Facebook message. Cable news talking heads yelling at each other.

Viral pandemics causing travel bans while professional basketball is cancelled while a former government and U.S. vice presidential candidate raps, “I Like Big Butts” on national TV.

Anything but still.

But if, as Rudyard Kipling writes in his poem, If, “you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs,” you just mind find an internal freedom that makes you immune to the noise, panic and worry.

This isn’t about sticking your head in the sand. Far from it. It’s about guarding your center so that you can confidently walk through the crowd of craziness, focused like hell on your desired outcomes.

Bottom line: If you want stillness, you have to sit still. Every day. Sometimes numerous times per day. I start in the morning. Quiet meditation, remaining still and focusing my awareness on my present moment.

Meditation isn’t all, though. Here’s the simple six-part affirmation I repeat in the early morning, during my workouts, and throughout the day to keep me still, centered, and focused:

I AM Energy:

We are all energy manifested into matter. And as we know, energy can be neither created nor destroyed. So this affirmation gives me confidence – I cannot be destroyed. It also reminds me that where my focus goes, my energy flows — and to protect my energy throughout the day.

I AM Love:

Everything I do, I do out of love. Love for my wife. For my kids. Yes, love for myself. Love for my clients. I used to do it out of a B.S. feeling of “responsibility” (i.e., a paycheck). This affirmation reminds me to focus on helping people.

I AM Gratitude:

We are each born with innate gifts given to us by God (or whichever higher power you believe in). True gratitude means recognizing that you have these gifts, being thankful for them, and reminding ourselves to actually USE the gifts with which we are endowed.

I AM Joy:

There’s enough bullsh*t negativity in this world. The Scarcity Pimps are everywhere – in our schools, at our workplaces, in our families, among our “friends.”, in the media, in our churches, etc., etc. Focus on creating joy every day — because there is no guarantee that we’ll be here tomorrow. And that should be an empowering, not a negative, thought.

I AM Patience:

If you truly create your vision and reverse engineer it, then you should be able to know and trust your path. don’t force it. Becoming less of a cannon and more of a magnet. One of the hardest lessons to learn is how to be aggressive yet patient at the same time. It can be done.

I AM Detached:

The Chinese have a wonderful phrase called Wu-Wei. It means “unattached action.” It means flowing like water. It means having goals, but not letting them stress you and make you obsessed. This affirmation is my daily reminder. In this current coronavirus climate, I’ve had paid speaking engagements moved and cancelled. There’s nothing I can do about those results. Only thing I can do? Keep moving forward; booking events for the fall and 2021, as well as virtual speaking opportunities. You can focus on outcomes without being obsessed by the results which, sometimes you simply cannot control.

That’s the affirmation I use to keep myself still, focused, and centered.

Do you use any similar affirmations in your life? Share them in the comments!


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