The Power of True Conversation

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In today’s edition of The Freedom Club Podcast, I interview Ben Gothard, a serial entrepreneur and host of the popular The Project EGG podcast.

Ben is also an investor, author, poet & philosopher with a history of sustained, wealth building achievement. His leadership roles include serving as Co-Founder & President of Life Mastery Institute, and Founder & CEO of Gothard Enterprises, to name a few.

On today’s episode, Ben and I discuss the true power of conversation, the importance of a learning/growth mindset, and Ben’s entrepreneurial journey.

“You know what I love about your mission?” I asked Ben. “Is that it’s about the power of conversation. Conversation in our society has become not even, ‘I’m right and you’re wrong,’ but rather, ‘I’m right and you’re evil.’  I’m a big fan of the Socratic method and questioning things and peeling back that onion where, you know, I think part of having an abundance mindset versus a scarcity mindset is looking for the win-win.”

I continued, “Not necessarily the, ‘I’m gonna win, you’re gonna lose’ but the collaboration where I have values, you have values, we’re not going to change each other’s values. And that’s not our, that’s not our mission. Right? But maybe we’re gonna walk away respecting each other more and learning something from one another.”

 “I hate with with a fiery passion when things are just distilled down to something so black and white that there is no conversation,” said Ben.  “Where it’s like, ‘this is how it’s done or this is the only thing’ and there is no alternative or there is no other side to it because most of the time that’s just not true.  There are two sides to every story. And to me it’s really important to, to get both of those sides out there. “

Watch the full conversation at the video above, or click here to download the podcast.

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