The Four Magic Pillars of Sales Success

“Be good or be good at it.”

It was the first time I’ve ever had Lil Wayne quoted on my podcast, but my guest, Ali Mirza, Sales Expert, was making a great point.

If you’re someone who’s scared of sales…

Who thinks you’re not good at sales…

Whose fear of sales is holding you back from living your dream…

Be good or be good at it.

“Either be so good at what you do and whatever that is that you don’t need to sell your services or understand that you’re going to have to sell your services. Period,” said Mirza, president of Rose Garden Consulting LLC.

Mirza also shares his four “magic” pillars of sales in today’s episode, which you can download here or listen to the video at the top of this page.

Sales — lead gen, prospecting, closing — is something we’ll be attacking hard in my upcoming 2019 Growth Mastermind.

Because a business is more than just an idea…

It’s more than just a plan…

A business means paying clients.

And you ain’t gonna get there without sales.

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