The five pillars of the freedom lifestyle

Through my personal freedom journey, the people I’ve worked with in my career over the past several decades, and the hundreds of people I’ve coached across the globe, I’ve concluded that there are five characteristics of people who live the freedom lifestyle.

I refer to them as The Freedom Five: The Five Pillars of the Freedom Lifestyle.

Before I go there, however, I want to make something perfectly clear: This is an overall framework.

The specifics of what’s worked for me, or anybody I’ve coached, may or may not work for you. The Freedom Five provides the blueprint, but a real transition to the freedom lifestyle takes some hard work, some soul-searching, perhaps some major shifts in your career and relationships, and the ability to make yourself vulnerable and try new things.

That last part may sound like a cliché, but it’s a common sticking point among people who want freedom, but are stuck in a “but this is the way I’ve always done it” mentality.

One guy recently accused me (on social media, of course) of trying to push my values on my audience. His comments were in response to a video I made about the fact that I set a limit of twelve hours of work each week.

In that video, I mentioned the importance of relationships in building a life of fulfillment, and how I put my relationships with my wife, kids, family, and friends number one. For some reason, that was just too far a bridge to cross for this guy.

Citing Gandhi and Jesus Christ, he tried to make the case that some people simply don’t need relationships to be fulfilled.

As anyone who regularly watches my videos or reads my content knows, I regularly make the case of the importance of relationships. I won’t get into his ludicrous introduction of Gandhi and the Son of God into the debate — but he was convinced I was telling him that my lifestyle was the only path to freedom and fulfillment.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

We each have our own unique talents. Our own unique purpose. Our own unique likes, loves, and hates. The Freedom Five takes all of this into account and allows each of us to be the best of ourselves within a framework that provides some certainty and structure.

Before we introduce The Freedom Five, however, let’s determine if you have the optimal amount of desired freedom in your life.

The Freedom Index

Perhaps you have an inkling that you’re lacking the freedom you desire. Even so, you may not be entirely clear what that means, or what it will take to achieve the Freedom Lifestyle.

That’s why I created the Freedom Index. Ten simple statements which, if you consider them honestly, will provide you with a clear view of what and where freedom is lacking in your life.

The Freedom Index statements are laid out below, and you are invited to rate them each on a scale of 1-10, with a 10 meaning you strongly agree with the statement.

  1. My days are filled with things I want to do versus things I feel compelled to do.
  2. My health and fitness are excellent.
  3. My relationship with my spouse/partner is excellent.
  4. I spend enough time investing in myself.
  5. I’m fulfilled every single day, not just nights and weekends.
  6. My family and I have traveled to at least one place we really want to go (not COMPELLED to go for work or extended family) in the past year.
  7. I have a clearly defined vision for my life.
  8. My spouse/partner and I have at least two date nights per month.
  9. I love my job.
  10. My work, family and self are in perfect alignment.

The Freedom Five

How did you Freedom Index turn out?

Are you around a five or six and want to get to “Tens” across the board? Are you at an overall seven or eight … but need to improve your index in a few key areas?

Only you will know if you have the amount of freedom in your life that works for you.

But if you’re ready to achieve the freedom lifestyle…

If you’re ready to take your Freedom Index to a ten…

It’s time to adapt The Freedom Five to your lifestyle. Here are those five pillars of the freedom lifestyle:

  1. Superpowers: Stop focusing on trying to fix your weaknesses. Unlock your innate talents and invest in them every day to turn them into (and maximize) your Superpowers.
  2. Vision: Clearly defined a vision — your desired outcome — for your life.
  3. Alignment: Screw “Work-Life Balance.” The key to freedom and fulfillment is aligning the three facets of your life: Family-Self-Work.
  4. Outcomes: Live a radically outcomes-focused life in which you reverse engineer your vision…so that every year/month/week/day you know those THREE THINGS you need to do to win the day — all of which add up to your life vision.
  5. Flow: Adapt the first four pillars to your life to live each day in a state of optimal experience. Stop grinding. Start flowing.

Great. Now What?

So, your Freedom Index isn’t up to snuff. And now you know The Freedom Five.

Now what? Great question.

My mission is to help you achieve that life of freedom and fulfillment, and I do that through my 30 Day Freedom Lifestyle Transformation Course.

This online course delivers you videos and actionable steps to help you adapt The Freedom Five to your lifestyle. Click here to join.

Whether you have two days left on this earth — or twenty years left on this earth — why would you want to spend one millisecond more without a sense of freedom and fulfillment?

Are you ready for the Freedom Lifestyle?

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