The Best Company Vision Statement I’ve Ever Seen

Unlocking the world’s wisdom.

Those are the words printed on the front of the thank you card I received from J.T. McCormick, president and CEO of Scribe Media, the company that published my book, Five Pillars of the Freedom Lifestyle.

The thank you card accompanied a beautiful framed cover of my book, with a special little badge containing my book title, publication date, etc.

But I couldn’t take my eyes off the thank you card. A smile formed on my face.

Unlocking the world’s wisdom.

There was nothing in that vision statement about publishing books.

Nothing about their post-book launch marketing programs.

Nothing about their guided author workshops.

It’s the best company vision statement I’ve ever seen.

Now, you may think that sounds like hyperbole or exaggeration. After all, I spent decades in the public relations and ad industry, even owning my own successful firm for thirteen years. And over the past three years, I’ve worked with hundreds of clients, helping countless companies and individuals craft their vision statements.

That’s exactly why you should heed my words about Scribe’s vision statement.

To explain, here are the characteristics of a great vision statement:

It’s Sustainable – Regardless of Time and Technology

Another great vision statement was announced almost two decades ago by Steve Jobs, shortly after he returned to Apple. That vision statement, People With Passion Can Change the World for the Better, is one that can last the test of time, no matter if Apple is making phones, computers, digital music players, or whatever new technology is invented decades from now. At the time Jobs announced this vision, the iPhone, iPhone, and iPad hadn’t even been invented yet. Apple’s vision is sustainable, regardless of what the future brings.

The same goes for Scribe Media’s vision statement. What if the company shifts to a new platform or new technology in a few years? After all, Elon Musk is experimenting with computer chips in our heads. Scribe’s vision doesn’t lock them into ebooks, paperback books, hardcover books, or audio books. Whatever the technology, they stand read to help their clients unlock their wisdom.

It Sums Up Your Life Sentence

It’s been reported that former Congresswoman Clare Booth Luce, who also served as an author and U.S. Ambassador, once told President John F. Kennedy that the lives of all great people could be summed up in one sentence. She called this a person’s “life sentence.”

For example, she shared this sentence: He preserved the union and freed the slaves.

When you read or hear that, you know immediately that she’s describing Abraham Lincoln.

What’s that one sentence that describes your company? What’s your life sentence?

It Pairs Purpose + Impact

What is the purpose for the existence of your company?

What is the impact your company makes on the world?

These two simple questions must be answered by your vision statement.

There are lots of companies that publish books. But are they all committed to the purpose and impact that comes with unlocking the world’s wisdom? In fact, you could say that Scribe’s purpose and impact are actually the same purpose and impact of their customers.

It’s the S.A.I.M.

Of course, your vision statement should be unique … but it should be the S.A.I.M, which stands for: Short. Aspirational. Inspirational. Motivational:

  • Short: As leadership guru John Maxwell writes, “Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address has a place among the great speeches of American history, yet it was barley three minutes in length … Slice and dice your vision until it can be shared in a single sentence. The more concise you make your vision, the more memorable it will be.”

Author David Masters also provides some great advice in his article, How to Write Vision and Mission Statements. He writes that an effective vision statement is:

  • Aspirational in that it’s about your goals.
  • Inspirational in that it provides life and direction to your day-to-day work (the root of the word “inspiration” relates to breathing life into things).
  • Motivational in that it provides a reason for the work you do.

Unlocking the world’s wisdom.

Scribe Media’s vision statement fits the bill in all of these areas. As such, it’s the best company vision statement I’ve seen.

Sure, I’ve seen vision statements that match it, and I’m sure you have, too. I’d love to read what those are — please share them in the comments!


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