The Adventures of Curious Jordan (Paris)

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When we stop being curious, we stop growing.

Curiosity was a big part of the discussion between me and Jordan Paris during our discussion for the Freedom Club Podcast.

Curiosity also is what’s fueled twenty-one-year-old Jordan to embark on his journey to learn and build a growth mindset through his world travels and Growth Mindset University — his podcast which is ranked #15 on the Apple Podcast charts for Education. He also authored a book by the same name.

“I think the biggest thing I’ve learned over time is that I don’t know everything,” I told Jordan during our interview. “And when I came out of school, I was arrogant as hell. I thought I knew everything. I had these internships in DC and New York City and I came out I didn’t listen to my mentors as much as I should have.”

“Now 20-something years later I remember what they told me,” said. “And at the time I was so arrogant and because of some humbling things that have happened, I think the most important thing I’ve learned is that I don’t know everything and to be curious.

“Because once you think you know everything you stop growing.”

Jordan agreed.

“One of my favorite movies growing up was Curious George,” he said. “And I love the soundtrack to it and one of my favorite songs is Upside Down by Jack Johnson, just a really, a song that a song that represents….it’s like my anthem, you know it represents curiosity and all things love of life and exploring.

“I just really enjoyed that song and I enjoyed the movie and identify with Curious George. I had an Instagram post from like the Bahamas with swimming pigs and the caption was The Adventures of Curious Jordan and that’s that’s what I that’s who I that’s what it is.”

Jordan said that once you stop being curious, you can become closed off to new ideas.

“Those times where my ego runs a little bit high and I’m less curious and I think I have it figured out,” he said. “I soon come crashing down right after then and then being curious again is what makes me go back up a little bit little bit higher than before.” 

In our full interview,  Jordan and I discuss the problem with the current higher education model, the meaning of “growth mindset”, the keys to a successful podcast, and why it’s important to never stop being curious.

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