The ability to make decisions is a key to success

Also…how I met my wife…

Once upon a time, I found myself out of work.

I took a low-paying job at a small non-profit, where my “office” was a small desk in a storage closet, surrounded by metal shelves.

It was a dead-end job. I hated it, and left after only about 10 months.

But you know what? During that ten months, I met the incredible woman who would become my wife.

I tell the full story in the video above, but my point is this… Some people are so afraid of making a “wrong” decision, that they freeze up and avoid making decisions altogether. When asked to choose between the red pill and the blue pill — they just walk the other way.

A life of freedom and fulfillment is just one good decision away.

So my challenge to you this week: Make that one decision that you’ve been avoiding.

Own the decision. Self correct, if necessary.

But keep moving forward, so you don’t get stuck.

If you’re up to the challenge, write “I Accept!” in the comments!

I also discuss this topic in today’s episode of The Freedom Club Podcast, which you can listen/subscribe to here.

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