The 3-Step Process to Build Your Life of Freedom, Abundance, and Prosperity

If you could wave a magic wand and be immediately transported into the lifestyle you desire, what would that look like?

This is a question I ask my prospective clients, existing clients, and workshop attendees. It’s a question that some individuals can answer very clearly, others have never thought of, and so stymies and stuns others that they clam up or simply disappear due to the fear and embarrassment elicited by the very question.

Yes, it’s a simple question, but it goes to the heart of living a life of freedom — a life you love instead of a life you feel compelled to live.

All too often, we find ourselves programmed to define our lives according to external expectations. The expectations of our parents, of society, of our school teachers, of our peers. This programming is so embedded in our minds that when asked the simple question of what a life we desire looks like — our subconscious takes over to protect us by blocking our conscious mind from engaging in the “risky” behavior of perhaps admitting we’ve been living in The Matrix.

As Dr. Bruce Lipton explains here, it is during the first seven years of our lives when our minds are in a “theta” state. We’re also in a theta state as we drift off to sleep at night, and when we awake early in the morning. It’s a state in which our minds are most susceptible to programming and messaging. So, during our first seven years on this planet, we soak in everything. Our minds are in a state in which our “mental software” is programmed.

For example, if the people around us have a scarcity mindset, or negative views toward wealth, we’re programmed with that mindset and we are more likely to have a bad relationship with money throughout our life.

If our parents are in an abusive or toxic relationship, that’s how we’re programmed to view relationships.

The examples are numerous, but our environment and the people who influence us during our first seven years provide the programming that is embedded in our minds for the rest of our lives.

As Randy Gage and I discussed recently, this programming directly impacts our level of self-esteem well into adulthood. Randy points to these key areas of programming: Money/success, job/work, sex/sexuality, health/wellness, God/religion, marriage/relationships. As Randy points out:

“Do they (people) get to adulthood with healthy self esteem? If you get there, you have probably an 85% chance that you’re going to live a prosperous, healthy, happy life. If you reach adulthood and you have low self esteem, I think you’ve got an 85% or plus chance that you’re going to have a unprosperous, unhealthy, unhappy life. Because most people never go back and question that.”

This lack of self-esteem also contributes to some folks’ inability to define the question that led off this blog post.

If you could wave a magic wand and be immediately transported into the lifestyle you desire, what would that look like?

The first step toward defining and living that life of freedom, abundance, and prosperity in a sustainable way is actually truly wanting it. This sounds obvious, but I’ve run across countless people who think they want it, but actually don’t. The pain of living in The Matrix has not yet become great enough that it overwhelms the the fear of change.

You can’t force someone to change. That’s extrinsic motivation. On the contrary, the person has to be intrinsically motivated to shift their mindset and their way of living, otherwise it simply won’t work.

So how do I work with people to help them create their new lifestyles? Here is the three-step process (the same process we’ll be working through at my 3-Day Freedom Experience Event in May 2020):

✔ Define and live the freedom lifestyle.

This first step involves following and living the five pillars I outline in my Amazon bestseller, Five Pillars of the Freedom Lifestyle:

  1. Superpowers: Unlocking your God-given talents, investing in them to turn them into strengths, then using them intentionally every, single day to unleash your superpowers.
  2. Vision: Defining a clear vision for your life that combines your purpose for living with the impact you want to make on the world.
  3. Alignment: Forget “balance.” The key to fulfillment is aligning the three facets of your life: Self, Relationships, Work.
  4. Outcomes: Reverse engineering your vision so that every year, every month, every week, every day – you know the three outcomes it takes to move you toward your vision.
  5. Flow: The cumulative effect of the first four pillars, you get in a state of flow where, instead of grinding, you life the lifestyle you desire through effortless action.

✔ Attract abundance in health, relationships, and career.

Those five pillars won’t mean a thing unless you’ve reprogrammed yourself to have an abundance mindset each day. This takes daily discipline of meditation and affirmations designed to protect and focus your energy so that you are a “magnet” for what you desire — instead of a stress-filled “cannon” trying to fire aimlessly and make things happen. It takes this daily practice of reprogramming to overcome the lifetime of programming I wrote about earlier in this blog post.

✔ Create prosperity by building an authority brand that sells.

Once you’ve defined and begin living your life of freedom, and you’ve built a mindset and a life that attracts abundance in health and relationships, you’ll want to create prosperity. After all, your new lifestyle might involve building a new business, seeking a new career, or attracting new relationships. All of this, believe or not, involves sales. And without a sustainable brand built around your vision and who you are, you won’t be able to effectively sell your product or service or yourself (for your career move or relationships.) That’s why this final step is creating a truly authority brand around YOU. You can learn more about this in my upcoming YOUThority Branding Experience Webinar.

This is a very broad overview of the steps toward living the life of freedom, abundance, and prosperity you deserve — and only begins to scratch the surface of the process. If you’re ready to create this life, click here to book a strategy call with me.

But remember … motivation and willpower alone won’t get you there because they are a function of your conscious mind. As such, they’re fighting a losing battle against your subconscious, which has been programmed since birth.

Rather, it takes a diligent, consistent process that reprograms your subconscious and creates a new reality based not on external expectations and beliefs, but rather the expectations, beliefs and desire of YOU.


Are you ready to stop guessing and start defining your vision for a life of freedom, abundance, and prosperity? Click here to register for Curt’s upcoming Freedom Experience Webinar.

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