Six Figure LinkedIn Strategy

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At the recent LinkedIn Local Charleston event, attendees came to hear me share my “Six Figure LinkedIn Strategy” for making money on LinkedIn.

What they heard was this: LinkedIn is only a tool.

Is it even the right tool for you?

Here is the framework for building and leveraging a sustainable brand that sells:

  • Be able to answer this question: Who Are You? Who are you as an entrepreneur? As a business? What are your unique superpowers?
  • What is your vision that pairs your purpose with the impact you want to have on the world?
  • Who is your narrowly defined ideal customer?
  • What is that “killer message” (to quote my friend Zach Messler) that will convey your unique value to your ideal customer?
  • Where does your customer live, physically, geographically, and online?

After you’ve answered these questions, then you choose the tools that will most effectively deliver your message to your ideal customer.

Maybe those tools include LinkedIn. Maybe they don’t.

Please watch the video above to check out my full talk or, if you’d rather listen while you walk/run/drive, you can check out the podcast version here. 

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