Sell More, Sell Better with Brad Lea

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“If you’re in sales, you want to focus on building a relationships.” — Brad Lea

Curt interviews Brad Lea, chairman and CEO of LightSpeed VT, sales expert, author, motivational speaker, and host of the Dropping Bombs Podcast.

“If you focus on building the relationship first, you’ll not only end up selling them what you intended to sell them, but you’ll end up selling their friends and family. You’ll also end up selling them many more items in the future,” said Brad. “If you focus on the sale, okay, you may make the sale, but you miss the relationship and it’s going to cost you in the long run.”

Brad is one of this country’s leading authorities on web-based training and sales. A self-made entrepreneur, he has more than 25 years in sales and marketing.

LightSpeed VT is an online interactive video-based training and communication platform engages users to learn more quickly via patent pending technology that delivers interactive content, role-play simulations and various cutting edge testing methods with built in real-time reporting and notifications.


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