Sales is about a voluntary value-for-value exchange

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To be effective in sales, it’s vital that you understand that sales is a conversation about value. As such, you’ve got to believe in the value of your product or service, as well as realize that, in a free market, sales is about a value-for-value exchange.

In today’s episode of The Freedom Club Podcast, Curt shares several clips of his full interview with Bob Burg, hall of fame keynote speaker and co-author of the bestselling “The Go-Giver” series of books.

In this clip, Bob points out that money “is an echo of value” and that this often gets lost in the discussion of how society falsely portrays prosperity:


Some people also look at sales as being adversarial. But as Bob points in The Go-Giver Influencer, which he co-authored by John David Mann, we can learn a lesson from former Japanese baseball star Sadaharu Oh, who looked at opposing pitchers as partners, instead of adversaries:

Watch Curt and Bob’s full interview here.

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