Podcast: Gratitude is the foundation of a life of freedom and fulfillment

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Fever. Chills. Sore muscles.

That describes much of my weekend — sick as a dog with some bug (may have been the flu).

It’s a bummer, because I missed out on a lot this weekend.

The weekend was beautiful, but I didn’t step outside once.

Missed the home opener of our beloved local pro soccer team (the Charleston Battery).

No boxing class for me — and I even missed church.

A few years ago, this would’ve put me in a funk for up to a week.

But this time, even though my body was in bad shape, my attitude stayed sharp.


One word: Gratitude.

That word is the theme of today’s episode of The Freedom Club Podcast (link in the comments).

Listen to find out my daily gratitude ritual, some of the things I was grateful for this weekend, and even why I was grateful to have @Tofe Evans’ book to read.

Thanks for listening.

For what are you most grateful this week?

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