Meeting the #2021Challenge

Last week, Randy Gage issued a challenge — The #2021Challenge — to me and others:

“I have some homework for you.  I want you to write something.  A journal entry of your perfect day.  But not just any perfect day.  This entry will be dated January 1, 2021.  And it’s going to be a celebration of the fact that 2020 was the best year of your life. Really.”

It’s a powerful exercise, and similar to one I work on with my clients, because, as Steve Jobs said, “you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward.”

What the #2021Challenge does is transport you into the future. The idea is to make it so clear in your head — not just in a single blog post or journal entry — day after day that your mind comes to believe it’s a “place you’ve already been.”

If you’ve already been there, then it’s possible to “connect those dots” to your vision.

So, to anyone reading this — I pass along the #2021Challenge to you.

And, without further adieu, here is mine:


January 1, 2021

Well, I’d write that 2021 can’t possibly get any weirder than 2020 — but that ignores history.

Things can already get weirder.

If you had told me on March 1st of last year that our economy would be forcibly shut down by the end of the month, I would’ve said you were crazy.

But look how that worked out.

So shit will always get crazy. And crazier.

That doesn’t mean I have to participate — at least, I don’t have to participate when it falls outside of my control.

I’m happy today that I didn’t let the fear and the panic of 2020 get me down or slow me down. I refused to comply with the arbitrary rules and “suggestions” of the deified “experts” of the moment.

My wife and I resisted the temptation to default to blind compliance and protected the freedom that is our birthright. Because freedom resides between our two years; it resides in our creative mind.

When you are a slave to fear, panic, and an overriding need to “ask for permission” to live, you voluntarily give away that freedom. You outsource your creative mind to someone else’s thoughts and idea of reality.

And you fail to know that our greatest resource is our mind; our ability to think our way out of any challenge. The history of humanity has shown this to be the case.

Why do I write this?

Because I enter 2021 with a clear sense of purpose and the knowledge that my wife and I didn’t succumb to the crazy, the compliance, and the outsourcing of creative thought.

And, yes, that makes me feel pretty damn good.

It leaves me with the knowledge that during the past few years of my “radical rebirth” (to quote Randy Gage) has allowed me to build a suit of armor around my mind; to keep my head when all about me are losing theirs (thanks, Kipling); to hold on to my vision and values and not simply invoke them situationally, based on circumstance.

So, as I begin 2021, in the year I will celebrate my 46th rotation around the Sun, I’m living my best life.

Amidst the “crazy” of 2020, I learned what my days of freedom and fulfillment entail:


  • Nothing I feel compelled to do by force of anything but my own will.
  • 30-60 minutes of meditation, affirmation, breathing exercises, and a cold shower to empower me into a state of high energy and absolute belief in my creative power.
  • Quiet, still mornings with espresso, positive reading, and discussions with my wife and four children.
  • Ample creation of content – whether it’s a solo livestream; a podcast interview with a fellow freedom fighter; or hosting a Webinar or training session to help people live their best lives – that has an impact on people who want to be more free, prosperous, and abundant.
  • Adequate primal exercise that aligns my body and mind, gets me in a state of flow, boosts my energy and natural immunity, and strengthens my core.
  • Quiet time later in the day with a nice glass of clean, Italian red wine during which I process the current day, and envision the day ahead of me.
  • Depending on the day, I also might’ve spent time with my family at the beach, out for lunch, or some other group outing that carries the inherent unknown adventures and comedic acts of, well, being out and about with four kids. 
  • At night, Julie and I may also spend some time planning our coming international trips, now that the world has opened back up post-COVID. Traveling gives us great joy and contributes to our family’s education, fulfillment, and freedom.


In addition to the above, every week, I require myself to have done something that “moves the ball” against our command-and-control, permission-based society. 

Perhaps it’s advocating for an educational system aimed at preparing humans for lives of freedom, fulfillment, and critical thinking — instead of the creation of automatons.

Perhaps it’s waking my fellow humans up from their comfort zones of misery.

Perhaps it’s helping an entrepreneur build his or her freedom business that empowers prosperity within a life of true alignment.

Last March, when the COVID-19 craziness began, I vowed to make 2020 a year of THRIVING instead of just SURVIVING.

I promised to myself and others that I wouldn’t be one of those in the corner, sucking my thumb, scared to act and simply hoping some “angel” of government or bureaucracy would come to save me. 

That vow was fulfilled.

I am free. 

And right here, right now, is incredible.


– Curt



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