Building an outcomes-focused workplace

At DisruptHR Charleston last week, I challenged the audience of HR professionals to fight for outcomes-based work environments.

An outcomes-based work environment is one in which we base our work and activity on the specific outcomes we want for our day. This is different from an “inputs-based” environment, in which we fill up our day with B.S. inputs that create busywork and don’t actually move us toward our desired objectives.

You can watch my full talk above, but my definition of an “Inputs” is: Those universal truths handed down from generation to generation that may or may not make any f***ing sense given the current circumstance.

Some examples of such inputs include:

  • The 9-to-5 mentality
  • 90% of meetings
  • Disallowing more people to work remotely/telecommute

When you clearly define outcomes for your day, and then follow the shortest, simplest route to those outcomes, you realize that 70% of your day has been utter B.S.

And this isn’t just in the workplace.

In recent years I’ve been radically focused on creating outcomes-focused lives for myself and my clients.

I hope you enjoy the video above. 

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