LISTEN: Fat-Shaming is Unacceptable. So is Healthy Shaming.

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“Shaming” anyone for their appearance or lack of wealth is unacceptable. So why is it acceptable for unsuccessful or unhealthy people to shame healthy people?

“I’m about to turn 45 and I’m in the best shape of my life, best shape of my life. Not a week goes by where someone doesn’t give me a complete weird look or, “Wow, you’re weird. You’re on that weird diet.” All because what? I don’t eat shit. I don’t eat refined sugars. I don’t eat, I try to drink healthy wine. We try to eat organic food. I don’t push it on anyone else, but I’ve made decisions in my life that have put me in a place where I’m healthier than I’ve ever been.” said host Curt Mercadante in today’s episode. 

Some of the unhealthiest people on the world make fun of people who are following healthy lifestyles.

Just as some of the most unsuccessful people in the world make fun of people with wealth and abundance. 

Both cases are a result of the “Scarcity Mindset”, which Curt examines in today’s episode.


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