Lessons from a 12 Year Old Entrepreneur

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My 12 year old daughter started a dog-walking business three years ago and it has been profitable year after year.

I decided to have her as a guest on my podcast this week and it was incredible to hear some of the lessons that she has learned already. (You can listen/subscribe at the links/player above)

Here are her biggest lessons from her 3 years of business so far:

  • Lesson #1: Don’t be afraid to turn your passion into a business — and don’t worry if you don’t have the “right” degree or experience. Just go for it.
  • Lesson #2: When you discount your product or service, you devalue that product or service.

People come to me for coaching and they don’t yet know those lessons. In fact, some refuse to adopt those lessons.So it’s incredible to see someone so young discovering what it takes to live a life a freedom and fulfillment.

Please listen/subscribe to the full episode at the links/player above!

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