Learning a Different Definition of Success

For political consultants, working on a presidential campaign is the dream.

Matt Cicconi achieved that dream, and even helped catapult the campaign to front-runner status for many months. But as he was achieving career success, his personal world was crumbling around him.

“Here I am…my professional trajectory is like this ⬆️ …

“And my personal trajectory is like that ⬇️ .”

At the height of the campaign, his wife left him. It was the beginning of a journey that led Matt to learn a different definition of success.

You may love politics…you may hate politics.

You may be on the right…you may be on the left. Doesn’t matter.

Today’s podcast episode isn’t about politics. It’s about the real toll that strictly defining yourself by your career can have on you and those you love.

It’s about clearly defining your purpose and living it.

I invite you to listen to today’s episode of the Freedom Club podcast to hear my very powerful interview with Matt, who is now the Digital Director with Harrisburg, PA-based Churchill Strategies.

There are lessons to be learned for all of us.

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