Joe Pici on Building a Brand that Sells

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Do you have to wait until your brand is “complete” to start selling?

I posed that question to Joe Pici who, along with his wife, Dawn (and their company, Pici & Pici) is the #3-ranked sales trainer in the world, according to Global Gurus.

As Joe told me, when they first transitioned from the direct marketing world to operating their speaking, training, and consulting business they did so…

“Without a Web site, without beautiful Power Points, without business cards, without anything,” he said. “And we made six figures, because we sold first; we delivered what people could measure.”

Joe and Dawn hadn’t yet figured out their brand, but they were selling.

“We didn’t have a logo. We didn’t have a brand. We didn’t have a name for our company for three years. We earned six figures for three years,” he explained. “And then our clients were telling us, ‘You know what’s unique about you, Joe?’ Bam! And all of a sudden our brand was born.”

“So I believe if you’re going to make money, if you sell first, then when you market, you’ll hit the mark.”

As Joe explained, it’s about building a brand around your uniqueness. So many so-called “influencers” and “personal branding coaches” throw out the term “authenticity” and then they spend their time being authentically someone else — and it shows.

So I love the fact that Joe talked about his uniqueness and said , “Our brand wasn’t there yet.” His brand developed from within him. He knows his truth, and he’s not afraid to speak his truth.

Listen to my full conversation with Joe by clicking here.


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