How to intentionally leverage your influence

In our “influencer economy,” some have come to see the term “influence” as representing selfies and social media likes.

Career strategist Erin Urban, however, warns that this view of “influence” is wrong.

“What’s interesting about influence is we think of it backwards,” Urban told me in this episode of Freedom Mindset Radio.  “We think, what can I get from other people? Really, when we think of influence, we need to think about, ‘what do they value?’”

Urban is a certified career strategist and executive coach who helps driven, experienced professionals remove career roadblocks and unlock their potential for more influence, impact, and income. She is an international speaker, published author, behavioral scientist, the host of the Career Coffee Chat Podcast and a member of the Forbes Coaches Council.

“What’s interesting is, when it comes to impact and influence, we all have impact and we all have influence,” she explained. “The problem is we’re not responsible with it because we don’t own it. We don’t recognize it, we’re not intentional with it. We are largely on autopilot, most of us. We have unconscious biases, unconscious ways of acting, just automatic programs running all the time.”

Listen to today’s episode to learn more.

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