“My father was a black pimp … a pimp and drug dealer. I was born in 1971 and my mother’s white.
“Mixed race in the 70s…not accepted in this country. My father had 23 children and needless to say he didn’t take care of any of us.
“So, my mother and I were raised very poor. We lived on welfare. I make the joke, my mother and I never had these four things at the same time: money, food, water or electricity. We were always missing one of those things, and in most cases we were missing two, but we were always missing one.”
Obviously,  JT McCormick had a challenging upbringing. But he overcame and “got there” (the title of his book) and is now a CEO, entrepreneur, speaker and author. 
He’s gained financial freedom, is living a fulfilling life with his family, and, as CEO of Scribe Media, is helping others to tell their unique stories.
How did he defeat the odds? How did he cultivate an abundance mindset that empowered him to achieve true success in life?
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