Hey salespeople, time-blocking ain’t enough

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As most salespeople know, time-blocking can be a valuable tactic to helping you become more productive. But time-blocking alone won’t cut it.

A few months ago, I participated in an online Q&A in which I discussed productivity and the fact that I set a goal of working only 12 hours per week. One business owner (he was in sales) asked me if I spend the rest of my time simply “wasting away” and staring off into space.

After further discussion, that individual admitted to me that he really completes about two or three hours of actual, outcomes-focused work per day — yet he’s in the office eight or nine hours per day.

This particular business owner accounted for his time in his day. He blocked time for various activities. And yet, it wasn’t enough.

First, you have to define what you want your life to look like on a daily basis.

This entrepreneur only defined his life by his work, and so he couldn’t even imagine how someone (me) could fill us day with anything but work. There are three facets of life — relationships, self, and work — and if you haven’t identified those, you’ll fill you daily bucket only with work. Define what you want your life to look like, with those three facets in alignment, and then time block that.

Second, he obviously was time blocking the wrong activities at work. If you’re fitting two hours of work into an eight hour day, it means you’re filling your day with busywork or, as I like to call them, bullshit inputs.

Instead, you need to become radically outcomes-focused — clearly defining three key outcomes for each day. Then, you time-block those outcomes.

So, yes, time-blocking is important. But you have to time-block the right things — the activities that give you a fulfilled life; the activities that empower you to achieve the right outcomes.

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