Build a business that empowers your freedom lifestyle

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registration now open for next bootcamp which
Launches february 24, 2022

7-Week Virtual Intensive Bootcamp Designed to Help You Define and Build Your Freedom Business

  • Provide your unique and fulfilling impact...

  • To maximum number of ideal clients you want to serve...

  • While empowering you to live your life of freedom and fulfillment.

Session 1

  • Your strengths assessment

  • Unlocking your talents

  • If you could not fail...

Session 2

  • Exploring domains of strength

  • What is your Vision

  • Who do you want to serve?

Session 3

  • Aim your strengths

  • Unleashing your superpowers

  • Honing your vision

Session 4

  • Work life balance is B.S.

  • Building your alignment

  • Presenting your vision statement

Session 5

  • Your "Why" = Your Clients' 'Why"

  • Radically outcomes-focused

  • Your 12-month outcomes

Session 6

  • Reverse engineering your outcomes

  • Branding/selling your Freedom Business 101

Session 7

  • You Freedom Business Blueprint

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