Filling Your Life with Fulfillment

“If you only work 12 hours per week, how do you spend the rest of your time?”

“My dad taught me that men should work 8 hours per day.”

These questions were asked of me on an AMA in which I participated in the 10X Factory online mastermind this week.

The entrepreneur who asked them went on to admit…

That while he’s in the office 7-9 hours per day…

He only really does 2-3 hours of actual work.

Why does he remain in the office for all those wasted hours?

Routine. Expectations. Feels like “he’s supposed to.”

These are all inputs that have no real bearing on the actual, key outcomes he wants to achieve.

Plus, he hasn’t truly defined non-work activities, things and people that give him fulfillment.

Spending time with the ones you love. Reading books. Physical activity.

Hey, I’ve been there.

Defining my life only by work…

By my paycheck…

By the # of hours I work.

It’s time to define the lifestyle you want…

In which you’re investing in your relationships and yourself…

And THEN craft work that fits into that lifestyle.

And if you need help living the lifestyle you desire, click here to schedule a Breakthrough Discovery Call. 

Because my mission in life is to help you.

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