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Stop asking for permission
The Ten Commitments that Drive Sales with Anthony Iannarino

Gain the Sales Edge with Joe Pici

Joe Pici and his wife Dawn are ranked the #3 sales trainers in the world. And guess what? Joe is my guest on this episode of the Freedom Club Podcast!

Your Personal Brand Starts with Your Vision

Too many people start building their personal brand by focusing on their logo, or their Web site, or which social media network to use. Instead, you have to start within. You have to define who you are as a person, so you can live and speak to that truth. Define your vision that combines your purpose with the impact you want to have on the world. That’s where you should start in building a compelling personal brand.

You are the X Factor in the Sales Process — with Victor Antonio

Curt interviews international sales trainer and motivational content producer, Victor Antonio. Victor has the #19-ranked entrepreneurship podcast on Apple Podcasts, more than 170,000 YouTube subscribers, and was the star of his own TV show on Spike TV, “Life or Debt.”

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