Empowerment, Not Engagement: Build a Team of Superheroes

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“Employee Engagement.”

It’s a modern buzz phrase used and abused by so many companies.

Those same companies send out press releases, with their CEOs giving speeches at how great they are at “engaging their employees.”

They put arcade games, lounge chairs, and ping pong tables in their headquarters (that often, by the way, never get used.)

And people give them polite “golf claps” at how forward-thinking the company and management are.

Meanwhile, if you talk to any of the employees, they don’t feel engaged at all.

How insulting.

It’s like a master trying to engage his/her pet by throwing the pet a bone every once in while in exchange for sitting, playing dead, or fetching a stick.

Let’s stop using that term. Let’s start talking about empowerment.

Instead of filling seats with warm bodies and trying to “engage” them…

How about empowering people on your team to unleash their superpowers to achieve key outcomes.

It’s more fulfilling to each individual.

And you know what? It makes your team stronger.

This is a message I’m going to be sharing a lot over the next year through my content, speeches, workshops and my Team of Superheroes Accelerator for businesses.

Screw the term “employee engagement.” Let’s start talking about empowerment, instead.


Ready to build your team of superheroes?

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