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Mike Weinberg’s new book, Sales Truth: Debunk the Myths. Apply Powerful Principles, is a no-holds-barred book on how to cut through the B.S. of the “new sales gurus” and get down to SELLING.

“This is the book I most wanted to write and the message that sellers and business owners most need right now because there’s so much confusion and so much nonsense out there,” Weinberg told me in our Freedom Club Podcast interview.

“Sales is a beautiful job,” he said. “Because you’re judged on what you produce. Nobody asked you how much you worked. They want to know, ‘what were your results?’ Sales is about results and results don’t lie.”

Weinberg added, “We gotta cut through the crap and the nonsense and the busy-work and get to the behaviors and the attitudes that move the needle for driving business.”

We had a lot of fun in this interview, discussing, among other topics:

  • What do the modern-day “sales gurus” get wrong about sales?
  • Is “social-selling” really just branding and marketing?
  • Can you deposit social media “likes and views” in the bank?
  • What can sales pros learn from the 2016 election?
  • We also discussed the issue of productivity and the importance of focusing on key outcomes.

“The reason you’re not winning more new business is because you spend very little time working on new business,” said Weinberg. “You may be working 50, 60, 70 hours a week and really proud that you get to inbox zero, and you’re uber-responsive to everything that comes your way, and you’re the first person to jump in and help out operations or to volunteer at the July 4th barbecue or to put out a customer service fire.

“But you suck at sales and you’re on the bottom of the ranking because you don’t spend time working on things that move the needle; that create sales.”

Please watch to the full interview above or download the podcast here.


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Helene Rennervik

Leadership Designer/Author — Stockholm, Sweden

“Curt (is) honest and NO BS. That was the reason I chose to attend his course “Create More Time”. He is there for everyone and meet his clients where they require attentions or may require help.”

Doug Thompson

Digital Transformation Specialist/TEDx Speaker — Austin, TX

“The FreedomClub Accelerator has not only transformed the way that I do my job today, it also helps me better prepare for what I want to do tomorrow.”

Ani Johnson

Marketing Agency Owner — Chicago, Illinois

“Curt was an integral resource for me while making the decision to start my business. If it weren’t for Curt I might not have realized my full potential.”

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