Curt’s new book, “Five Pillars of the Freedom Lifestyle,” available NOW


My new book, Five Pillars of the Freedom Lifestyle, officially launched on Amazon today! You can purchase the book here.

Above is video footage from an interview I did with Lowcountry Live (ABC News 4 Charleston) earlier this week, discussing the book.

About the Book:

What would your life look like if you actually harnessed the remarkable gifts you possess?  

What if you became unstoppable by discovering your superpowers?  

What if you had the tools to design a life of true freedom and fulfillment?

Day after day, millions of people move through life lacking the energy, strategy, and insight necessary to achieve the life they were meant to live.  Perhaps you’re trapped in a job that leaves you unfulfilled, or you’re not investing in yourself and your relationships. You know there’s “more”, you just don’t know what that looks like or how to attain it. Henry David Thoreau eloquently called this a life of “quiet desperation.”  

It’s time you fight for freedom like your life depends on it.  

As an international speaker, trainer, and disruptive entrepreneur, I left my seven-figure business overnight to take on the challenge of shattering my comfort zone.  I’ve devoted my life to helping others achieve these remarkable results. 

In my inaugural book The Five Pillars of the Freedom Lifestyle, I break down the excuses holding you back from unlocking your personal superpowers, and I provide strategic insight on how to build the life, relationships, and business you deserve.  

You’ll learn how to live with intention, make better career decisions, level up your relationships, and improve your mental and physical health by unleashing your superpowers, crafting a clear life vision, aligning your life, defining key outcomes every day, and living in a state of flow.

Escape your comfort zone of misery and join us on our mission that’s changing lives across the world. 

You can purchase the book on Amazon by clicking here.

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