Business Trifecta Bootcamp:

Branding, Marketing, Mindset

Orlando, Florida

October 28-29, 2021

Two-day, no-B.S., intensive bootcamp helping you build an abundance, process-oriented mindset that empowers you to deliver the right message to the right clients so you can generate MORE REVENUE.

  • Clearly identify your ideal clients.

  • Craft an impact message that speaks to what those clients want

  • Build a process to deliver that message to those clients consistently

  • Turn prospects into leads into paying clients

  • Build an abundant, process-oriented mindset that empowers you to follow this revenue growth system!


  • Cultivate an abundance mindset

  • The 4 pillars of building an Authority Brand

  • The P2P (People 2 People) principle of branding and sales

  • Get radical in identifying your ideal clients

  • How to learn what your clients want

  • Craft your impact message


  • Generating the right leads

  • Optimizing your LinkedIn profile

  • Create consistently compelling content

  • Effective LinkedIn outreach workshop

  • Build a process-oriented mindset

  • Management by outcomes productivity system

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pre-sale registration also now open for march 24-25, 2022 bootcamp in phoenix, az!