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Marc Guberti is only 21-years-old, but that hasn’t stopped him from publishing 20-plus books, becoming a USA Today and WSJ bestselling author, and having 100,000-plus students in more than 180 countries enrolled in his online digital courses.

Marc is the host of the Breakthrough Success Podcast and Radio Show, and he coaches content creators on how they can attract more traffic to their content and boost revenue.

One of Marc’s books is entitled, Content Marketing Secrets, and I asked him to give listeners of The Freedom Club Podcast a taste of what they could find in his book.

“We go over content creation, we go over content marketing, social media, marketing, content monetization. So how do we create content that reaches a ton of people and makes money?,” explained Marc. “We take a deep dive into each of the key social networks. We take a dive into some best practices for creating content, like how have I created 20-plus books, thousands of videos, even more blog posts, and how you can put out more content and how to have the time to market all that content.”

I also asked Marc to share some of his secrets on how he’s been able to publish so many books.

“You’ve written 20 plus books. There are people who’ve had that book idea for 20 years and they can’t get it done,” I said. “What would you tell someone to get off the dime, get at least their first book done, from someone who has done 20-plus books?”

Marc replied, “I would say spend more time on the outline just to make sure you have it fully mapped out.”

He grabbed his two most recent books to show as examples.

“My book, Content Marketing Secrets, as you can see, is a very thick book. My other book, The Wealthy Author, not as thick,” he said. “So you don’t have to write a 200-page book, 300-page book. You could just do like an 80 to 100-page book and then people are going to read that book more likely from start to finish.”

He continued, “If you make the books shorter, they’re easier for you to write. So Content Marketing Secrets, that’s a little over 60,000 words, while The Wealthy Author and all the other books I do are around 20,000 words.

“So if you make your books shorter, it’s easier for you to finish them. It’s easier for you to write multiple books also and build up your book portfolio. It’s what can really help you go from, ‘I can’t write this book,’ to, ‘20,000 words, it’s not too bad.'”

You can listen to my full interview with Marc here.


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