Are you a victim or a product of the choices you’ve made?

Blame is a convenient way for us to exonerate ourselves from our deliberate choices.

That’s hard for so many people to accept — me included.

It’s easy to blame our stress on the traffic jam…when it was our choice to leave ten minutes late this morning.

It’s easy to blame missing our son/daughter’s game on work…when it was our choice (yes, it was) to work late.

It’s easy to blame life and “busyness” for not making it to the gym…when it was our choice to stay up late last night, have a few extra beers, and watch the end of the game so that we slept an hour later this morning.

Didn’t like the result of your day? Try reverse engineering it to the source – a decision you made.

Get struck by lightning? Was it bad luck…or your decision to stand on a golf course near a tree in a thunderstorm?

It’s time to empower yourself by focusing on your decisions.

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