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ABOUT curt

Curt helps entrepreneurs and wannapreneurs design, manifest, and grow their freedom businesses.​

He is a Gallup-Certified Strengths Trainer, a Certified Human Behavioral Consultant, and author bestselling Five Pillars of the Freedom Lifestyle,




the impact
our clients receive

design your freedom business

Create the blueprint for a business that enables you to provide your unique and fulfilling impact to the clients you want to serve while empowering your freedom lifestyle.

manifest your
freedom business

Clear out your limiting subconscious programming and cultivate a mindset of abundance to make your freedom business a reality.

grow your freedom business

Craft and consistently communicate  your impact message to attract the ideal clients that will help you grow your freedom business.

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“I recommend his services to anyone leading a team that requires each individual to be seen, understood, and valued in order to provide the best client outcomes."

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